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Transfer service

If you are planning to travel to Mashhad to use the medical services of Sepehr Parsian Company, we suggest you to definitely use the quality and specialized transfer services of our collection. 

For the greater comfort of you, dear customers, Sephrparsian Group has entered into a contract with the most professional groups that provide quality transfer services in Mashhad. Due to the large number of transfers purchased in the city of Mashhad by the Sepehrparsian group, usually the providers of these services offer more suitable prices to us and, as a result, to the customers.

It is enough to choose the transfer service you need from the provided services and after the purchase, leave all the arrangements to our customer service team.

Airport services

Patients and passengers entering and exiting Shahid Hasheminejad Mashhad International Airport who want to start their flight in a calm, attractive and heartwarming environment with a dreamy memory, or get over the fatigue caused by traveling and air flight before arriving home in a suitable environment. take off their clothes, they can use CIP and VIP services of the airport and its facilities. These services include:

CIP admission and passport services:
– Exclusive gate, police, passport and customs for incoming and outgoing passengers
– A dedicated counter for receiving incoming and outgoing passengers
– A dedicated bank counter for the purpose of carrying out banking transactions, including Riyals and foreign currency
– Obtaining an airport visa with prior arrangement, and after completing the legal formalities

CIP ceremonial services:
– Transferring passengers from the private ceremonial hall to the foot of the plane’s stairs and vice versa by means of a ceremonial vehicle.
– Providing passenger transfer services from the origin to the airport and vice versa by official vehicles
– Covered car parking with a capacity of 100 cars, only for the use of respected passengers.

Services of CIP exclusive ceremonies:
– DUTY FREE store has luxury goods with reputable foreign and domestic brands
– Dedicated booths selling goods needed by travelers such as handwoven carpets, handicrafts, dry fruits and Iranian souvenirs and caviar.
– VIP and conference hall for business and administrative negotiations

Interpreter and leader services

If you intend to travel to Mashhad for treatment, no matter how fluent you are in Persian, the presence of a native Persian translator who is fluent in your language will solve many of your concerns.

The translators and leaders of Sepehrparsian company are professional and trained people who have been selected from among the men and women with experience in this field to serve you. You can choose the leader or translator you want through the service request form.

Characteristics of translators and leaders

Translators are ready to serve dear travelers in Arabic, English and Turkish languages ​​at any time of the day or night.
Interpreters and leaders are usually with you during your treatment and therapy sessions.
Translators have a complete knowledge of medical terms and your language and can be the best transferers of your desired cases to the doctor.
The leaders can usually give you very interesting information about the sights of Mashhad and their customs.
Leaders know the best places to eat, shop and enjoy your favorite entertainment.
The leaders can provide you with good information for using various tourist discounts and the right timing.

City tour services and one-day tours

Sepehrparsian Health Tourism Company is ready to provide tourism services for those patients who want to travel and there is no obstacle from the doctor’s point of view, as well as for the patient’s companions. These services include:

– Visiting tourist attractions in the form of city and intercity tours 
– Visiting historical centers, historical images and museums
– Visiting the scenic and beautiful centers around the city of Mashhad
– Visiting recreation centers and parks in Mashhad
– Catering in traditional centers and restaurants in Mashhad
– Visiting the big shopping centers of Mashhad